Juventus Will Return to Former Glories

In recent seasons, the famous Juventus name has been forever tarnished in the footballing world. Match fixing allegations and subsequent enforced relegation and point deductions left the Turin side facing the toughest period in the club’s illustrious history. But they’ve come fighting back and after securing a return to Serie A at the first time of asking, they’re back amongst the big boys and ready to compete for trophies.

It’s worth remembering that Juventus are the most successful Italian club of วิธีสมัคร ufabet all time. People can harp on about the history and heritage of AC Milan but the simple fact is, Juventus have won more trophies than even them. Juve have lifted 51 trophies in their history, 40 domestic and 11 European. These victories in Europe also make them the 3rd biggest club in the entire continent, which gives you an idea of how huge Juventus actually are.

Look back at some of the names that have pulled on the Juventus shirt for even more evidence of their greatness. Zidane, Zoff, Baggio, Vialli – the list just goes on and on and then on some more. Current players that still hold massive respect include Nedved, Del Piero and Trezeguet – the last two have World Cup winners medals to their name.

When you consider all that the club have achieved, it makes it even sadder that they became involved with allegations of corruption. The fans of this great club deserved better than that and to be fair to them, they’ve stuck by their club while they fought their way back up to the top.